Welcome to the Safe Harbor Academy

A full day Pre-K prep program

Safe Harbor is excited to partner with Lisa Wilkinson in the creation of the Safe Harbor Academy. SHA will serve 4 and 5 year olds and will offer a Pre-K curriculum to prepare students to enter school in the coming years. The Safe Harbor Academy will operate from 8:30 -2:40 and students will be able to come to Safe Harbor Daycare for after care in needed.

Lisa Wilkinson comes to us with 17 years of experience in teaching 4 and 5 year olds. She has been the director of the pre-k program at Restoration Christian for 7 years and recently moved her class here to Safe Harbor. We are so excited about the opportunity for our kids to attend this program!

The Pre-Kindergarten program at Safe Harbor Academy is a fun filled program with daily learning and activities taking place in a structured environment.

We use Accelerated Christian Education Program (ACE), a program that is designed to develop the basic skills which prepare a child to be ready to learn to read. Cartoon Animal songs and stories, workbooks, and physical development activities are employed to foster quick learning of the letter sounds; to encourage understanding of number concepts and work relationships; to strengthen visual, auditory, and coordination skills; and to build Christian Character. Throughout the school year your child will be taken through each letter of the alphabet and each letter sound, including long and hard/soft vowel sounds. The children will be learning to count and recognize numbers to 100, along with a variety of developmental reading readiness concepts.

We will introduce the children to science by offering an environment where there are interesting materials to explore. The science activities are simple and open-ended. We highly encourage investigation through exploration and experimentation. We conduct a variety of science activities such as:

* Rockets     * Magnet     * Volcanoes     * Floating Eggs     * Lava Lites

* Swirling Colors       * Oobleck by Dr. Seuss     * Ice Balloons

Here at Safe Harbor Academy, we use the ACSI Elementary Bible Series. The children will be introduced to 34 stories from the Bible. The materials are creative, challenging, colorful, and contemporary as it guides students to both know and apply God’s Word. An important aspect of our Bible study is the memorization of Scripture. The hope is that your child grows in the “nurture” and admonition of the Lord. We trust that the Bible instruction will become part of the strong foundational tool in the life of your child as she or he grows in knowledge of and obedience to Christ.

This program is an all-day program for 4 and 5-year-old children.

Children must be 4 by August 1.

You may choose 3 days (M, W, F) or 5 days a week. School hours are from 8:30 to 2:40.